Rapid Recall

Your answer to endless marking

An easier way to increase your students’ number fluency and recall

Hassle Free Assessment

Easily spot ideas and concepts which may need to be revisited or re-taught using an engaging resource which pupils love to use.

Rapid Recall Boards premium drywipe surface means you can establish a regular cadence of short, non-haunting assessments without printing off reams of paper, or keeping your pupils on electronic devices more than necessary.

Routine or Intervention use

Great for whole class work, or easy to tweak for specific pupils as changing the choice of number changes the whole challenge of the board.

“I would definitely recommend them. The use of the vocabulary was so obvious from really early on. You just go around the room and you go ‘Ah! I can hear you talking about place value’, talking about all that reasoning that they need for the end of KS2 assessments and practising it all the time. It’s the oral rehearsal before they have to then write anything down.”

Amanda | Toftwood Infant and Junior Federation

Helping to embed number principles from years 1 – 6

Online Answers Portal

Marking takes no time at all with the totally free online answers portal.

You don’t even need a login.

See the online answers portal >>

Build Vocabulary

Every word on the boards is carefully chosen by teachers and designed to get pupils familiar with mathematical vocabulary.

High Quality Discussion

From the choice of number to each section, there are endless discussions to be had with your class around the boards.

Fluency and Recall

Rapid Recall Boards are not designed to teach maths, but instead pull together the knowledge pupils have built up, ensuring they are comfortable with multiple concepts in one place.

Independent or Group Activity

Children can work on their Rapid Recall Boards individually or in groups or pairs.

See some ideas of different ways to complete the boards >>

Subtle Coding

Rapid Recall Boards are a delightful range of colours with 1 per year group.

They also have a subtle code which denotes which year group objectives they cover to help avoid a stigma of children working above or below their current age expectations.

“The Propeller boards fit into Happy Pants really well because you can set the number that you want them to work on.”

Louise Dixon | North Ormesby Primary Academy

How to use the Rapid Recall Boards

  1. Spark the first conversation with the choice of number from the range shown on the board, which can be done by the teacher or by each student.
  2. Write this number in the shape in the top left of the board.
  3. Wherever the shape is shown on the board this represents the chosen number, a bit like X in algebra.
  4. Complete certain sections or the whole board.
  5. Mark using the free Online Answers Portal
  6. Observe misconceptions and generate discussions around each section as necessary, using your observations to tweak further teaching.
  7. Wipe clean ready to use again and again!

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