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Who is Anthony Reddy?

Anthony Reddy


Anthony Reddy is the Blackburn based ‘most energetic and effective’ mathematics trainer in the country. He is an experienced maths consultant and a key provider of quality training in almost all aspects of primary school mathematics. Anthony makes fractions fun, division delightful, and place value picture clear with his training courses, run through his ‘Reddy-Made Consultancy‘. He provides a variety of training days on topics such as Creative Problem Solving, ICT in Maths, Raising Standards in Year Six and more.

Anthony often uses the Rapid Recall Whiteboards in his training to show off their potential as a tool for building up a comprehensive set of Number and Reasoning skills throughout the school year.

Training Courses…

Anthony offers training courses through both his own Reddy-Made Consultancy business and through his Sense of Number partnership.

Want to see his Rapid Recall Whiteboard training absolutely free of charge? Anthony has helped us create a host of videos showing you how you can take the boards further. You can see them on our website here, or on our YouTube channel here.

Favourite Product…

Anthony loves the Rapid Recall Whiteboards but has been known to use some of our ‘Picture Props’ resource, which you can explore here.

How do I get in touch with Anthony Reddy?

You can contact Anthony through Sense of Number or through his website

He is also on Twitter under @reddymademaths.

Who are Sense of Number?

Sense of Number offers Primary Maths consultancy, training and resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. They offer dynamic and inspiring maths training with a variety of vibrant resources.

Anthony works alongside other consultants (and fellow Propeller ambassadors!) Dave and Laurence to offer these flexible training and consultancy options.