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Who is Chris Gallagher?

Chris Gallagher

Chris Gallagher is an experienced headteacher and MAST (Maths Specialist Teacher). He provides INSET, guidance and tailored training packages for Primary Schools Nationally including focuses on Singapore/mastery maths as well as lesson observation/monitoring/feedback/actioning planning and Ofsted preparation.

He engages children in Beautiful Maths. Beautiful Maths is a rich and diverse approach to teaching that encourages engagement through the promotion of reasoning and problem-solving in a positive environment.

Chris is the Teaching for Mastery Lead for the Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub, a maths consultant for the Oxford University Press, and an NCETM accredited CPD lead.

His business, Solve Education, is ‘on a crusade to enthuse and transform young minds, one teacher at a time.’ They have a vision to see the maths classroom re-energised, re-engaged, and less ‘mathsphobic’ with more ‘geeks’ that see a world of possibility come to life when Maths is enjoyed.

Chris talks about Maths Phobia and overcoming it in one of his Ted Talks. You can watch it by hitting play on the video below. Can’t see the video? You can find it on YouTube here.


Training Opportunities

You can view all of Chris’ available training courses, such as EYFS Maths Mastery, Reasoning in KS1 and Times Tables – Learning Without Rote on his website here. You will also find frequent updates about upcoming training opportunities and courses on his social media accounts.

“Really engaging and interactive training that has got us all thoroughly engaged with maths.” – Teacher

Favourite Product

Chris’ favourite Propeller resource is the Rapid Recall Whiteboards

How do I get in touch with Chris Gallagher?

You can contact Chris through his website, his social media, or by contacting him directly.

Otherwise, you can email him at or phone him on 07946 536768.