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Who is Dave Godfrey?

Dave Godfrey


Dave Godfrey is a man of many talents – an experienced teacher, trainer, presenter, author and songwriter! During his teaching career in York and North Yorkshire, Dave has taught throughout the primary age range. He is also a member of the ‘Sense of Number’ Maths Consultancy Team, a Numicon Affiliated Trainer, and an Accredited PD Lead with NCETM.

Alongside all of that, Dave is also the brain behind Number Fun. Number Fun is a powerful and creative tool for the teaching of primary maths, and supplied musical and interactive resources to schools, as well as training and Number Fun activity days.

Training Courses

Click to see Dave’s Training Courses available through Sense of Number.

Favourite Product

Rapid Recall Boards 

Contact details

Please contact Dave through Sense of Number,, or his website,

Chris is also on Twitter: @senseofnumber and @NumberFunDave.