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Meet our Team

Meet our team below and click here to contact us.

Polly Church
In House Teacher

Need help implementing Propeller in your classroom? Want to be an Evaluation or Pilot School? Think there’s a resource that we’re missing? Polly will help!

Karen Powell
Customer Care

If you need any help resolving a challenge with your order, or if something doesn’t seem right with your resources, you’ll be in safe hands with Karen.

Holly Pritchard
Marketing Team Leader

Want to share a blog with Propeller? Collaborate with us on Social Media? Maybe you have a question or suggestion for the website? Speak to Holly!

Ivan Francis
Customer Success

Want to purchase any Propeller resources? Want someone to talk it through with first? Ivan’s here to help you make the best choice for your school.

Howard Temple
Customer Success

Want to bring the Rapid Recall Whiteboards into your classroom? Torn between Cracking Concepts and Spintelligence? Talk to Howard!

Caroline Bardell
Distributor Marketing and Events

Want to be a distributor or want help marketing the Propeller resources you already sell? Want Propeller to attend an event you’re hosting? Speak to Caroline!

Alfie Temple
Customer Success

Need a fountain of Propeller knowledge? Alfie is the man with the answers and will help you bring Rapid Recall and other Propeller resources into your classroom.