Our Teacher Network

Our Teacher Network is the power behind our products.

Below are just some of the teachers we work with to create our resources.

They are all either active teachers, or are still in the profession in some capacity.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Teacher Network please Contact Us.

Mark Yeowell

Mark has been working in Primary Education for over 10 years. During this time he has taught all year groups from Reception up to Year 6, and has been a maths co-ordinator in two schools.

Mark started a tutoring business in 2015 and now has over 20 registered tutors, he uses this platform as a testing ground for Propeller resources, trying out both new and existing products in a setting other than the classroom.

Resources created by Mark

Yr2 Number Spinner Kit→
Yr2 Calculation Spinner Kit→
KS1 Fractions Spinner Kit→
Yr6 Number and place value Spinner Kit→
Yr6 Fractions, decimals and percentages Spinner Kit→

Ruth Bull

Ruth has worked in schools for the past 20 years and is an experienced classroom teacher and subject leader.

She loves maths and is enthusiastic about working with others of all ages to support them with their understanding and to address their needs.

Ruth is also a Propeller Ambassador.

Resources created by Ruth

Yr5 Number and place value Spinner Kit→
Yr5 Fractions, decimals and percentages Spinner Kit→
Yr6 Algebra, ratio and proportion Spinner→

Sarah Hawes

Sarah has been teaching in primary education for 10 years and over this time has worked innovatively and creatively to engage and educate children. She has helped to raise standards in reading and writing in a large number of schools.

She is a specialist leader of education for English, a self-confessed grammar geek and secretly loves Disney films!

Resources created by Sarah

Yr4 Punctuation Spinner Kit→

Yr4 Grammar Spinner Kit→

Yr5 Punctuation Spinner Kit→

Yr5 Grammar Spinner Kit→

Yr6 Punctuation Spinner Kit→

Yr6 Grammar Spinner Kit→

Katie Samacicci

Katie is passionate early years specialist who believes that children learn best through play.

She has taught both Reception and Key Stage One and is currently the Early Years Foundation Stage Leader. Katie also takes pride in being the Phonics Coordinator, which is an area she loves to teach and inspire children in.

Resources created by Katie

Foundation Phase 2 Phonics Spinner Kit→

Foundation Phase 3 Phonics Spinner Kit→

Foundation Phase 4 Phonics Spinner Kit→

Wendy Green

Wendy has been teaching primary school children of all ages for over 20 years. She really enjoys teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 and has also spent time training Teaching Assistants. Her favourite subject to teach is French, but also loves teaching English and PE.

Resources created by Wendy

Greetings, numbers and colours French spinner kit→
Me, my family and friends French spinner kit→
Calendar, seasons and time french spinner kit→

Simon Sheldon

Simon worked for four years within the entertainment industry before deciding to share his passion for music and the joy it can bring by becoming a teacher.

Simon is now a specialist primary music teacher and has been helping others develop their musical skills for over three years.

Resources created by Simon

Rhythm Spinner Kit→
Graphic Scores Spinner Kit→
Music notation Spinner Kit→
Orchestra and instruments Spinner Kit→

Rachel Mather

Rachel has gained a vast wealth of educational experience over the years, teaching all ages from year 1, right through to adult learners, always aiming to enthuse her students with her love of literacy.
Like most teachers she has had several job roles working as a classroom teacher, private tutor and literacy co-ordinator.
Rachel is a self-confessed grammar guru, phonics fanatic and punctuation pro!

Resources created by Rachel

Phase 5 Phonics Spinner Kit→
Yr1 Grammar and Punctuation Spinner Kit→
Yr2 Punctuation Spinner Kit→
Yr2 Grammar Spinner Kit→
Year 3 Punctuation Spinner Kit→
Year 3 Grammar Spinner Kit→

David Baker

David has a desire to make education interesting and fully interactive with investigation at the heart of all he does. He has taught in all phases of education, been a headteacher of three schools and worked as a consultant across academy trusts and local authorities. Throughout every aspect of his teaching career David has maintained an element of classroom teaching.

David has also worked on national projects with the DfE.

Resources created by David

Stone Age to Iron Age Spinner Kit→
Mayan Civilisations Spinner Kit→
KS1 Where in the world Spinner Kit→
Exploring The United Kingdom Spinner Kit→
KS2 Where in the world Spinner Kit→
Rocks volcanoes and earthquakes Spinner Kit→
South America Spinner Kit→
All Science Spinner Kits→

Stuart Howell

Stuart is a Maths Lead in a primary school.
Stuart is currently training as a specialist maths teacher and has been teaching in primary schools for over 5 years. After successfully taking on the role as science subject lead, he took over leading maths while teaching year 6. He is a huge fan of visual maths and often uses diagrams to model concepts. He also enjoys playing guitars too loud!

Resources created by Stuart

Yr4 Number and Place Value Spinner Kit→
Yr4 Calculation Spinner Kit→
Yr4 Fractions and Decimals Spinner Kit→