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Ruth Bull, Year 5 Teacher at Boxford CEVC Primary School is also a Maths Coordinator and Maths Adviser and has been using the Rapid Recall Whiteboards in her school since the start of 2017. In her words, it’s already hard to remember a time without them.

Before the boards, Ruth found that there was a lack of opportunity for her students to practice their maths skills in such a way that helped them build the fluency that’s so important in primary maths. On top of this, there was a lack of opportunity for the students to take ownership of their learning.

The rapid Recall Whiteboards have provided these opportunities for Ruth and her classroom. Children have been able to pick their own starting numbers and so have a new level of motivation to take part in maths. The knowledge that they could pick and chose the sections of the board meant they could show what they were confident with while knowing the other sections could be tackled later. That’s one thing that Ruth says the children really enjoy – the fact that they can decide on not just the number, but what order they will complete the boards in, too.

There’s been a spike of confidence in Ruth’s classrooms with the Rapid Recall Whiteboards. Students not only know which sections they excel at, and know which numbers they can easily tackle, but they know that they can work towards those harder sections and trickier numbers with the knowledge that they can simply erase any mistakes.

“That opportunity to wipe the slate at the end and get rid of any errors (…) they are not pages in their maths book.”

The impact over time has been great for Ruth. The boards now come out each week and, on occasion, there are even students requesting them to come out in wet breaks. It’s not just the children enjoy the boards though! Ruth’s teaching assistants have been able to pick up the boards and run with them. Since they require very little explanation, they have made great activities for small groups of pupils who need the intervention and practice and marking them is quick and easy which is a massive bonus for any adult in the classroom.

Overall, students are more comfortable making mistakes in their learning and know that they will receive quick feedback on completed activities and that any misconceptions can be addressed as they occur. The opportunity to use the boards not just individually, but in pairs and groups has allowed for talk and discussion, so the students are learning from each other, too.