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Number of Pupils FSM EFL Last Ofsted Region
226 Pupils 13.9% FSM 2% EFL 'Outstanding' East Anglia

When headteacher Jamie White joined Oulton Broad Primary school, Ofsted had given the school a Satisfactory rating. In little more than 18 months, however, Jamie White turned the school around. The school is now rated Outstanding and has been that way for several years. Oulton Broad now sits in the top 2% of schools in England for pupil progress.

“I want to see our school as a beacon school. As a school that stands out amongst others for the standard of education we produce the children.”

To keep the school’s incredible rating, head Jamie White and his staff are always searching for the best practices, resources and staff to keep their level of education of the best possible quality.

To start, resources are targeted towards the children and areas that aren’t making the progress that they should be. Resources for Oulton Broad are often purchased with Pupil Premium Funding. Oulton Broad’s pupil premium children make higher than average attainment that children nationally.

Maths Lead, Kelly Holmes, introduced the Rapid Recall Whiteboards and the Cracking Concepts kits into the school’s maths classes to improve mental maths, target misunderstandings, and tackle parts of the new National Curriculum.


When Oulton Broad first got the Rapid Recall Boards, they started using them twice a week in each of the classrooms from Years 1 to 6. They used them to improve their students’ skills across all the different mathematical concepts in the curriculum.

What did the teachers think of the Rapid Recall Whiteboards?

“All of our staff have picked up the boards and run with them.”

When they introduced the boards to staff, lots of discussions were had about which numbers would be easier or harder. Beyond that, however, they say there’s no need for extensive training.

Oulton Broad reinvented the Rapid Recall Boards by introducing us to the Pilot and Navigator (or Professor and Scribe) approach to working. These include working in pairs, while one person works out the answers and has to convince the other that they are correct and to write their answer down.

Watch a video on this technique below