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Our 51 piece Roman Numeral Dice Kit supports teachers in delivering the KS2 new National Curriculum Roman numeral objectives.

Created by a primary Maths specialist, this kit provides 20 fun games and activities that allow children to explore Roman numerals.


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What You Get

  • Knowledge that the games cover every Roman Numeral objective in the 2014 National Curriculum
  • Opportunities for children to apply their knowledge
  • Games that develop strategy and reasoning, and many of these games can be applied to other parts of the maths curriculum
  • A simple ladder system of differentiation – as children move through the numbered games, the level of challenge and depth of knowledge will increase
  • A National Curriculum activity map for teacher support, and a Roman Numeral Place Value chart on the back of every game to support the children

What is it Good for?

What's in the Box?

  • 30 x Roman Numeral Dice
    • 9 x white dice labelled I-VI
    • 3 x yellow dice labelled I-III
    • 3 x blue dice labelled IV-VI
    • 3 x green dice labelled VII-IX
    • 3 x purple dice labelled X-L
    • 3 x pink dice labelled L-XC
    • 3 x orange dice labelled C-D
    • 3 x black dice labelled D-M
  • 1 x Drawstring dicebag
  • 1 x Instruction Card
  • 1 x National Curriculum Activity Map card
  • 20 x Activity Cards
  • 1 x Fine Point Drywipe Marker


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