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This English Spintelligence Super Pack covers key English National Curriculum objectives from Foundation to Year 6 in 15 individual kits. From foundation phonics, to year 3 grammar, to year 6 punctuation, every year group is covered.

Each kit is ready to use, curriculum compliant, created by teachers and refined in classrooms. Included are 12 ready-to-use spinner games and 24 blank drywipe template activity cards.

Spin your class into excitement about English with our fresh approach to learning!


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What You Get

With every Spintelligence kit, you will also receive:

  • A National Curriculum objective printed clearly on every game in the kit
  • A range of blank drywipe spinners to enable you to differentiate the existing games or create your own
  • A fun way of learning in the classroom and at home
  • Fantastic assessment opportunities – simply watch the children play to understand what the next steps to take are
  • Suggestions on most cards for how to take the game further
  • Opportunities for children to showcase their learning through creating their own games relating to the concept at hand

What is it Good for?

What's in the Box?

Pack includes all the kits listed below;

  • SPKE1 Phase 2 Phonics
  • SPKE2 Phase 3 Phonics
  • SPKE3 Phase 4 Phonics
  • SPKE4 Year 1 – Phase 5 Phonics
  • SPKE5 Year 1 – Grammar and Punctuation
  • SPKE6 Year 2 – Punctuation
  • SPKE7 Year 2 – Grammar
  • SPKE8 Year 3 – Punctuation
  • SPKE9 Year 3 – Grammar
  • SPKE10 Year 4 – Punctuation
  • SPKE11 Year 4 – Grammar
  • SPKE12 Year 5 – Punctuation
  • SPKE13 Year 5 – Grammar
  • SPKE14 Year 6 – Punctuation
  • SPKE15 Year 6 – Grammar

Each Kit contains;

  • 24 x Ready-to-use Activity Cards (2 each of 12 activities)
  • 24 x Blank Drywipe Activity Cards (4 each of 6 designs)
  • 4 x Spinners


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