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j6505 pack of 5 multi stack 650ml jars with yellow screw top lids

Pack of 5 x 650ml storage tubs made from durable plastic, with bright yellow screw top lids.

Each tub has multiple ‘flat’ surfaces so they’re easy to stack and display in a variety of ways. Use these handy storage solutions to keep dice, counters, money, stationery, sweets and much more tidy and organised. Ideal for use in the classroom.

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£10.00 Excluding VAT

What You Get

When you purchase this Pack of 5 650ml Round Jars with Screwtop Lid, you don't just receive a handy storage pot. You get…
  • An accessible storage pot that students can open and close independently, allowing them to distribute and tidy away resources with ease
  • A versatile storage solution, suitable for use with dice, counters, coins, sweets, stationery and much more
  • A bright yellow lid to add a burst of colour to your classroom or office
  • A set of multistack jars with multiple flat surfaces, allowing you to stack and store your jars in whichever way works best for you

What is it Good for?

What's in the Box?

  • 5 x 650ml Multistack Screwtop Pots


EAN 5055353629526
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Weight 0.25g
Size 305 x 235 x 160 mm