Rapid Recall Board kit RRAST V2 MASTER WEB

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This assorted pack of Years 1-6 Rapid Recall Whiteboards is great for maths coordinators to be able to see the benefits of the Rapid Recall Boards across the entire school. This pack is also great for home educators and tutors to use with their pupils.

This assorted pack includes 1 board for each year group (years 1-6). Each A3 double-sided Rapid Recall Board covers all the core number objectives from the latest National Curriculum for the chosen year group, as well as revising concepts from the previous year to maintain fluency and recall.

Quick how-to

    Choose a number from the range displayed and write it into the symbol in the top corner of the board Every time you see the symbol, use it as your chosen number Work on your own or in pairs, in teams, or against the clock to complete the mat in any order

To change the difficulty of the board, or to differentiate between pupils, simply change the input number. Schools are using this method to track students progress throughout the year by gradually increasing the difficulty.

When the children have completed a board, it is easy to see which aspects of number the children need more support to fully understand, making them a simple but powerful assessment tool.

If you are purchasing this pack as a trial in your school, be sure to look at our bulk packs for some great savings to kit out the entire school with Rapid Recall Whiteboards from only £4.40+VAT per board.

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