Take your home maths lessons away from the computer and iPad and give the Rapid Recall Whiteboards a whirl.

These A3 double-sided whiteboards have been designed to promote discussion, refine recall skills, and maintain fluency in primary maths. Each board covers key number objectives for each year group and revises key concepts.

These single-board packs have been pulled together exclusively for use at home. Each board can be used time and time again – simply change the starting number to change the challenge and use the Online Answers portal to mark with ease.

All of the below packs come with useful parental guidance included.



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What You Get

Rapid Recall Whiteboards have been designed by teachers to promote discussion, maintain fluency and develop mastery in primary maths. Each double-sided, A3 drywipe board covers key National Curriculum Number objectives as well as revises key mathematical concepts.

Great in the classroom, but ideal for homeschoolers looking to maintain and develop key mathematical knowledge in primary age children in their home learning routines.

  • Parent-friendly: Each kit contains a quick guide to getting started with the boards for parents and access to the online answers portal for instant marking
  • Visual stress friendly: Suitable for use by all students thanks to easy-to-read fonts and a cream tinted background
  • Easily Adapted: the challenge changes with the starting number, allowing students and parents to work at the level that best suits them

What is it Good for?

What's in the Box?

  • Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Guidance Poster
  • Curriculum Objectives Map


EAN Varies
Weight 200g - 870g
Size 450 x 330 x 30mm - 42 mm
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