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Rapid Recall Micro Monster Pack 15 Boards of Each Years 1 to 6

BRAND NEW Micro Monster Pack containing 90 Rapid Recall Whiteboards covering Years 1 – 6.

Double-sided A3 whiteboards created by a senior Maths consultant and designed to promote discussion, refine recall skills, and maintain fluency in primary maths. Each whiteboard covers the key, new National Curriculum number objectives for each year group while still revising key concepts from the previous year. All boards are dyslexia and visual impairment friendly so you can keep all of your pupils’ number knowledge bubbling all year round.


£399.00 Excluding VAT

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What You Get

When you buy Rapid Recall Whiteboards, you don’t just get the boards, pens and erasers.

You also receive:

  • Access to our Online Answers Portal this allows you or your pupils to easily mark the boards
  • CPD training videos for every year group from Sense of Number’s Anthony Reddy, and presentations to use in training staff and parents
  • E-book including: 38 Ways to Master Maths with Rapid Recall Whiteboards; Suggestions of ways to mark; Mastery activities; Tracking Grids; Ways to measure progress when using the boards; Certificates for Children and more…
See videos and e-book here >>

What is it Good for?

What's in the Box?

  • 15 x A3 Year 1 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 15 x A3 Year 2 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 15 x A3 Year 3 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 15 x A3 Year 4 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 15 x A3 Year 5 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 15 x A3 Year 6 Rapid Recall Whiteboard
  • 90 x Drywipe Pens
  • 90 x Mini Foam Erasers
  • 6 x Teacher Guidance Posters
  • 6 x Curriculum Objective Maps
  • 6 x 100ml of Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Access to Online Answers


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Weight 24.23g
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