If you’re looking at the Rapid Recall Boards and getting worried about how long it will take them to mark them then don’t panic, it is super easy!

Ideally before using the boards with your class, familiarise yourself with the Online Answers Portal >>. This has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, with no logins or apps to download.

The portal works best on Chrome, and will function on almost any device with access to the internet providing Javascript is enabled.

If you chose one number for the whole class you may want to get the answers up on the interactive whiteboard, if there is a mix of numbers in the class then making sure the pupils can access tablets or laptops after completing the boards.

Bear in mind you don’t need a login so keep an eye out for the cheaters, although of course we know you only teach little angels!

Most teachers don’t keep a record of results every time the boards are used, but just make notes about where they need to tweak their teaching or re-teach parts of a concept. That being said, it may be handy to do more regular ‘tests’ where you keep a proper record of results to keep track of progress in a simple Excel doc, or in your usual pupil tracking software.